‘WE ARE FREE’ – that’s a concept.

AFFA™ is a Nairobi-based brand that was started with the initial intention to showcase African fabrics through contemporary apparel and silhouettes.

Later, however, by some unplanned sequence of events, the focus changed.

Coming totally out of left field, in 2016, our Creative Director, Ziki, created her first head wrap. Because she needed one and couldn’t figure out how to tie one despite watching tutorial after tutorial. Soon, her prototype was ready and she proudly wore it out grateful that this one wouldn’t unravel halfway through the day or turn out as a mess of fabric on top of her head making her feel more like a jester than a queen.

Imagine her surprise when people started asking here how she’d tied it, and she proudly demonstrated that it was in fact, a hat! Soon orders started streaming in, and before we knew it our wraps were a thing!

Initially most of our head wraps were made using Kitenge/Ankara fabric and later we evolved to using our own hand-dyed fabric. Partly to better control our fabric supply but mostly to make our fabric story more authentic.

We have since slowly but surely grown our product range to include graphic t-shirts, and a selection of other apparel. We’re also prototyping bags. We are very grateful to have gotten our products right thanks to the endless support and feedback from our client base. Which, we have watched in awe grow to span the globe and colour spectrum.

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We ARE Free
They came by with cameras and we didn't know how cool it would turn out