You may be wondering … why the Afro?

We’ve drafted and redrafted our raison d’être and we think we finally found the words … and it’s a story about life.

Did you know – it’s a scientifically proven fact – that of all the billions of humans who have ever lived and will ever live there will never again be anyone else like you?

But as we go through life, the need to conform to a homogeneity takes hold. We conform to fit in. We conform to survive. Ultimately, we lose our natural rhythm and become pretty much like everyone else. In our view, that is sad.

For us the Afro is the perfect symbol for the process of self rediscovery. it has oftentimes been misunderstood and seen as something to be tamed. Yet at its core it represents the real and natural expression of oneself.

‘WE are FREE’ is our rallying call to the commitment of breaking the shackles of conformity for conformity’s sake. And living each day with the aim of fully expressing our unique essence.

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We Free
They came by with cameras and we didn't know how cool it would turn out