Wraps by AFFA Nairobi
Wraps by AFFA Nairobi

One question that we always get, whether it’s at a market or during one on one interactions is, ‘How did you come up with or decide to make these pre-tied head wraps?’ – that’s paraphrased of course. The answer is, we kinda just stumbled into it. So here’s the story of how not to tie a head wrap… 🙂

The locs phase

There once was a girl who had locs (dreadlocks). She’d had grown them for years and become accustomed to the relatively easy care of dreads. Salon, once to twice a month and all she had to do was get them styled or simply tie them up in a bun once the style ran its course.

One day, against her loctitian’s wishes (actually think he cried…) she cut them. The first few weeks were fine, the hair was short enough to look good with a what she later found out was called a ‘wash and go’. Soon, the hair reached that awkward length where it was too long to look good as a wash and go, and too short to do a twist-out and look good. She soon realised that she needed something as a stop-gap measure. To bridge the gap until the hair was at a style-able length.

The natural hair guru phase

Enter the natural hair guru phase. She watched tutorial after tutorial on how to tie a head wrap, how to start with a satin bonnet, how to make all these brilliant styles. All she wound up with was tired hands and a wrap that wouldn’t stay. On that not, check out one of our favourite wrappin’ communities Cee Cee’s Closet for some tutorials.

The first wrap

Luckily, she had some sewing experience and decided to sit down and crank something out. Soon she had a wrap that she didn’t have to tie. Pretty proud of herself she wore that thing TO DEATH as her awkward length hair remained in twists.

Soon enough people were asking about her wrap. “How did you tie it?” they’d ask. “I didn’t…” she’d answer. Then the orders started coming in. That’s when it dawned on her that she was on to something. And so our flagship product was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

We’re very grateful that we’re helping others that can’t wrap and even those who can but don’t always have the time to.

With the Rona changing lives at a very fast pace and forcing us to introspect we ask you: what’s your personal story that you can turn into something unexpectedly amazing? We all have one.

And that, good people, is a wrap.

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