How to package a head wrap

The first market we attended in 2017 was the K1 Flea Market. It was the first Sunday of January. We were still pretty young in the wrap journey and didn’t even know how to properly set up our space. That’s a story for another day. For now, here’s the story about how to package a head wrap.

Along with our struggling setup we had struggling packaging. It was some white craft paper, folded in half and stapled together on the sides with kitenge straps. The number of people who saw those bags and said, “No, that’s ok, I’ll just put it in my handbag”…well, let’s just say it was the majority. 🙂

While we were really passionate about giving an all round amazing experience (from setup to packaging) at that point we were like that kid sitting at a piano hearing the music they would like to play and struggling to play it exactly as they heard it.

So we began to focus on our packaging. We were looking for packaging that:

  1. Would feel like a special gift
  2. Could double up as head wrap storage
  3. Would be as environmentally friendly as possible

Those of you who have been supporting us for a while have probably received each of these packages from us, all of which we make in-house.

The gift bag

In this phase, we worked with khaki coloured gift bags. We debated getting them screen printed but for some reason, we weren’t too keen on that. We customised these by adding kitenge straps. People seemed to like that. And so did we … for a short time. If you’re interested in some cool DIY packaging ideas, here’s a resource we found.

Triangular gift boxes

AFFA how to package a head wrapWhile the gift bags were working, it didn’t hit all the notes as far as our packaging vision. So we made things a little complex – meaning working into all hours of the night to come up with these triangular gift boxes. With these, we got the eye candy criteria down but the keepsake part – not really. They were pretty difficult to transport and travel with.

Finally onto something

In mid to late 2017, we got the opportunity to have our products in a shop in Nairobi. We knew it was crunch time and we had to get our packaging right in order to create a pleasing display that wouldn’t take up too much space.. This sent us back to the drawing board and we came up with the first version of the packaging we use today.

What we learned from this

When we finally learned how to package a head wrap – the simpler way – we felt very silly for all the long hours we spent making very pretty yet very complicated packaging. For some reason we just couldn’t see that there was an better way.

This has taught us that to get to the best/simplest way to do something you may have to go through some complications.

What things has your daily grind taught you?

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