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There was a time when we doubted the practicality of running a handmade in Kenya business full-time. Where were the guarantees that people would like the product enough to buy it? Out of a mix of necessity and curiosity we chose to dive in and see. Would we sink or swim? We needed a lot of support as we embarked on this journey. A lot of times support doesn’t come from where you’d expect it. So at the time, Google was our friend, and we found a number of resources that helped us at least float. Still, we wondered, can we trust the process?

What is the process?

The process, as we have come to understand it, is the art of focusing on the things that are within your sphere of influence. Those things which, regardless of what is going on externally, you can still maintain or do. We have learned that focusing on these things instills a sense of empowerment because regardless of what is going on, there is always something you can do.

This is different from seeking distraction in activity, or to avoid any feelings of disquiet you may be experiencing. It’s respecting and acknowledging all that and yet continuing to do the things you can do with intent. Like a mother who, despite being under the weather, will get up, make the children’s lunches and even drop them off at school before she gets back home to rest because she knows they need her. (This is just for illustrative purposes).

Business through a pandemic

We are going through a world event that no one could have predicted. It has drastically changed the business landscape across the globe, introducing a whole lot of uncertainty to both employee and business owner. Seeing companies that seemed invincible file for bankruptcy we have to ask ourselves, what’s the solution?

The process for us includes tangibles like consistently choosing the best quality materials for our products and intangibles like an upbeat attitude. Now, we’re not always perfect, specifically on the intangibles. But by and large, focusing on these things as we collectively weather this storm, has truly kept us going, in addition to your kind support which always puts a smile on our face.

Does the process really work?

From our experience, we have to say absolutely yes. Because it’s no longer just about the ‘bottom line’ or this or that deal coming through. It’s about cultivating the qualities that in spite of everything, will produce good results. It’s about preserving peace of mind and maintaining enthusiasm. Constantly keeping the soil fertile to support a healthy crop.

2020 has turned differently from how many of us envisioned. We are personally very grateful for the clear vision it has given us about the process. Hope it can be the same for you.

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