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There’s a plant that started growing through the concrete path right outside the door to my house. I noticed it when it was about 4 inches tall. It’s not the first time I’ve seen plants growing in “strange” places but for some reason this one impressed me so much that I asked the gardener not to get rid of it. Soon it became so big that getting through my doorway took some maneuvering. Even then I didn’t have the heart to cut it down. I mean, how do you cut down something that has grown and is thriving against all odds? It became a daily reminder to blossom where you are.

When we were starting out we wanted to have everything ready. A good financial backing, a ready-to-go premises, all the skills required to succeed, and, of course, a ready pool of willing and eager clients! There were many moments of analysis paralysis feeling the situation wasn’t yet ‘ideal’ or ideal enough.

As luck or life would have it, we eventually opted to start where we were, with what we had. We had to be comfortable with the fact that our willingness to make it work outweighed the actual  resources we had at hand. Like the plant outside my door, it felt like growing through concrete most of the time. Finally we broke through, but then we noticed something.

Even after we were four inches above ground (so to speak), the situation didn’t become more ideal. In fact, in many ways, it became more complex as we took on more responsibilities. Just like the plant that didn’t wait for the concrete to change, but found a way to grow through it; we had grown in experience. Our experience had built our resilience and had slowly began building our confidence.

What we have learned is that in many cases in life, the situation will never be all the way ideal. If you feel it in your bones, start where you are with what you have. The experience you gain will be the greatest reward. Relax, and learn to blossom where you are.

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