Kiddie/Baby Fundo™ Navy Blue


For when baby girl wants to be just like mama! We probably all did it, trying on our mama’s clothes or wearing her shoes. If your little one has been trying on your wrap, or you simply want to have a mama-daughter look, give our kiddie Fundo a try.

It is made to fit kids from age four to about age 6/8 or babies from 3 months to about age 2 depending. So yeah, can’t wait to see it on a toto near you!

Fundo is Kiswahili for knot. This is our full-cover (it can cover your hair entirely if you choose) Fundo head wrap. Wearing it is as easy as wearing a hat. You don't need to worry about it coming undone because it's been well secured to hold its style and withstand many washes. Because of its solid colour, it’s easy to incorporate it into your toto’s wardrobe.

The head wrap is made from 100% cotton fabric and lined with satin which is gentle on all hair types. It suits all races, ages and genders. Truly, many people are pleasantly surprised when they realise they can 'pull off the look' as they often say.

We’ve answered more of your FAQs below…

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  1. Will it fit my toto?
    They are one size fits all and make to fit kids from age four to about age 6/8 or babies from 3 months to about age 2 depending. We have put elastic in key places to ensure a good fit.

  3. What are they made from?
    They are made from 100% cotton fabric and are lined in satin.

  5. My child has loads of hair/ not too much hair
    They have enough room to tuck in quite a bit of hair. You may keep your child’s hair down. If your child has less hair they should still fit fine (see above)

  7. Is the fundo worn in the front?
    The fundo can be worn, in the front / back / side … pretty much any way you choose.

  9. Will it remain that way forever and ever?
    It’s worry free. The wrap will always maintain its style – you won’t have to worry about it coming undone halfway through the day. It will also withstand many washes. The wear and tear will depend on how you care for it and also how often you use/wash it. Though we have clients who’ve had theirs for years and only come to buy more because they are tired of waiting for them to dry between washes! 🙂

  11. Is it hard to wear?
    All you need to do is pop it on. Just like a hat.


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